Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs
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London, ON



If you have a mobility impairment and live in London, Ontario you may contact us to learn about our application process.

NEW for 2018

We will be accepting a limited number of applications to assist owners to train a dog they already own to be their personal service dog. Not every pet is suited for this job so applicants and their dogs will be screened carefully before acceptance into this new program.

Phone: 519-670-1809
Email: info@GOADogs.ca

We get many calls inquiring about various types of service dogs for many different needs and disabilities.  While we would love to be able to provide dogs for each inquiry, at this time, Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs focuses on mobility impairments and diabetic alert

NOTE: We do not train psychiatric or emotional support dogs.

As a small organization providing lifetime follow up and support, we limit our placements to clients permanently residing in London and its outlying communities.  If you reside outside of London, wed be happy to direct you to other organizations who may be able to assist with your needs.

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