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London, ON

Hi...I’m MELBA
 and I’ve volunteered to become an “ELF” in the
2017 “12 Days of Christmas Campaign”

I’m one of the GOADogs.
Most people call me Melba Toast but really I’m named after an apple (not toast)! Not only do I look “fetching” in my elf hat, I’m also GOOD at “fetching” and in my spare time I LOVE to play ball. Since it’s not the best ball playing weather right now, I figured I’d use my spare time to help Santa Paws instead and I’d “fetch” FRIENDS instead of balls. That ought to get me on the “nice list” myself!

Can I add YOUR name to my list this Christmas?

We can look “fetching” together!


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If your donation is “in honour” or “in memory” of someone or is a larger donation that represents several donors in your household, please add these details with their names in the section entitled “ADD EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS RE: YOUR DONATION” on the PayPal screen before you complete your PayPal transaction so that we can properly make notation on the “nice list”.

Please note: Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs is operated as a social enterprise and as such is unable to issue tax receipts for donations given. Be assured all donations received enable the provision of service dogs for individuals with disabilities.   
                                                                                   Thank you for your generosity

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