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London, ON


1st elf team to fill “Nice List” in 2016!

 TAKE me out to the BALL game! What a TEAM!
So this is what it feels like to help someone with a disability. It’s a HOME RUN kinda feeling!

Yes...we’ve met our goal of $144.00 and earned our gold seal BUT...we’re a bunch of elves who KNOW the value of TEAMWORK and we KNOW how great the need is so we’re STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE AGAIN and going for a DOUBLE HEADER!
We’re sure we can DOUBLE our list of friends before Christmas.

We’re looking for 12 MORE friends to donate $12.00

Like we always say...go BIG or go home!
(Don’t worry...we’ll make room on our list.  You might need a magnifying glass to read it but that’s OK ‘cause it’s the tiny things in life that make the biggest difference)

Angel wingsRemember...
Just like last year, we’re fundraising “In Memory” of our very special friend FERBIE, who has gone on to Rainbow Bridge. He used to be an “elf” with us but NOW he is an “Angel Elf” and that’s why he’s wearing a Gold Hat in the picture.
He may not be here in body anymore, but he’s still here in Spirit...Christmas Spirit...and we bet he’s really proud of this team.

(Psst...Insider tip...If you get on OUR “Nice List”, you automatically get on Santa’s “Nice List”)


Click this button to donate $12.00 and become a friend of

If you wish to make a donation LARGER than $12.00, that’s OK too.
The PayPal button will accept donations of ANY amount $12 or larger.

If your donation is “in honour” or “in memory” of someone or is a larger donation that represents several donors in your household, please add these details with their names in the section entitled “ADD EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS RE: YOUR DONATION” on the PayPal screen before you complete your PayPal transaction so that we can properly make notation on the “nice list”.

Please note: Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs is operated as a social enterprise and as such is unable to issue tax receipts for donations given. Be assured all donations received enable the provision of service dogs for individuals with disabilities.  
                                                                                       Thank you for your generosity


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