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What are Assistance Dogs?

Assistance dogs are highly skilled dogs that are specially trained to “assist” individuals
who have physical disabilities in order to increase their level of independence. These
disabilities could include visual, hearing, or mobility impairments, which are the most
common disabilities that assistance dogs are trained for.  Many other types of
assistance dogs are being trained today to assist with a host of other disabilities
including epilepsy and seizures, diabetes, autism and narcolepsy.  Dogs are also being trained to assist with food allergies and to detect various forms of cancer in the human body. Their skill seems only limited by our imaginations!

000_0014 It is a high calling to be chosen as an assistance dog, and for that
 reason, they are carefully selected for optimum health and
 temperament right from birth. These remarkable canines undergo          extensive socialization and training from the day tDSC0238205hey are born.

Once placed with their partner, the team will be given access rights that allow the dog to accompany their partner into any public venue. Exposure to hundreds of unusual sights and sounds as the pup grows ensures their ability to maintain a calm, controlled demeanor wherever they go.

They must be eager to please, willing to engage and most importantly, able to receive direction from someone whose disability precludes the use of force in any way.

        It is a partnership based on love and trust.

Tasks They Perform

There are many types of assistance dogs trained to perform tasks to mitigate their partner’s disability.  At the present time, Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs’ main focus is Service dogs.

Service dogs enable greater levels of independence for people with mobility impairments by assisting with some of the activities of daily living.

Typical tasks include:

  • Turning light switches on and off000_0023A
  • Opening/closing doors and drawers
  • Retrieving dropped or out-of-reach items
  • Pulling a manual wheelchair
  • Assisting with removal of clothing
  • Carrying packages
  • Bracing for transfers/assisting with balance
  • Alerting others to the need for help
  • Activating alert/life-line buttons



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