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London, ON

The 2017 Official Christmas Ambassador

Angel wings

Guardian Angel Service Dog
July 7, 2007 - Sep 8, 2016


Hi, my name is Willow and I’m a special ELF.
an “Angel Elf

I’m leaving a GOLDEN Legacy...here is my story:

 I was born on July 7, 2007. Everyone always said my brother Oakley and I were lucky dogs because we were born 7/7/7.  Well, I guess we WERE lucky because we both got picked to train to become Service Dogs for
 Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs.  
After a lot of hard work training, it all paid off because once again, I got picked to be Ann VanSickle’s helper dog AND best friend! We had lots of adventures over the years and I did all kinds of things for her like opening doors, picking up stuff she dropped (she dropped a LOT of stuff) and I even learned to push her eye glasses up when they slid down her nose.
It was so much fun!

2016 was a sad year for both of us.  I got called away to “Rainbow Bridge” and had to leave my friend Ann behind. I guess God thought my job here was done and He needed me elsewhere...likely to keep my brother Oakley in line (hee hee...he went to Rainbow Bridge a while back).

When I arrived at “Rainbow Bridge”, Oakley told me that just because I am no longer here on earth, it doesn’t mean I can’t still make a difference and do the job I was born to do...Impact Lives!  


My friend Ann just arrived in Heaven TOO and now we’re together again!
I could hardly believe my eyes when she showed up. I guess she must have really missed me so wanted to come here too!

WOW...this is going to be a GREAT Christmas for me.|
I know everyone on earth is sad that Ann and I have left but please don’t worry about us. We’re both in good hands now. 

 We’re no longer here in body but we’re here in spirit... “Christmas Spirit”!

 We want to leave a legacy and a happy memory.
Will YOU help the GOADogs by putting your name on my “Nice List” and donating $12.00 in our memory. It would mean a lot to me and I know Annie was kinda partial to the GOADogs too! She has a big heart just like a golden!

Make a difference today...you never know what tomorrow holds!


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Please note: Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs is operated as a social enterprise and as such is unable to issue tax receipts for donations given. Be assured all donations received enable the provision of service dogs for individuals with disabilities.  
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