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“For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16

Marilou Smith

On June 14, 2012, we lost a friend and supporter, Marilou Smith of London, ON. If you asked one of the golden buddies, they’d likely say she was a little too nice to be human because clearly, she shared so many similar traits to them.  She was patient and kind, unconditionally loving, generous to a fault, always smiling and eager to meet you, doing whatever she could to make a difference.  Perhaps that is why she loved our goldens so much and was so eager to support them.  She recognized how much they touch hearts and change lives...the very things she spent her life doing.

Marilou Smith

Our hearts go out to her husband Wayne, her children Michelle, Heather and Mike and her many grandchildren.  Her loss will be felt deeply for sure, particularly in their lives, but we live in the hope of a reunion one day in the heavenly realm when our journey too will find it’s rest. Let those of us who remain continue to run with endurance, as she did, the race that is set before us.


Marilou wanted to leave a legacy beyond all that she has already done in her life. We are humbled to learn that she has designated Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs as one of the organizations to receive memorial donations in her memory. Any donations received in memory of Marilou will go directly to support our latest service dog placement of a golden retriever named “Maple” who we have just placed with Debbie Willows, formerly of London, ON and now residing in Huntsville, ON.  Debbie Willows, born with cerebral palsy has been a friend of Marilou and her family for most of her life. Maple, was fostered in a home and grew up attending the same church as Marilou for the past few years. In her final weeks in hospital, Deb and Maple, during their placement camp made sure they took time off “training” to go visit Marilou and share some time, memories, laughs and of course, golden snuggles. Marilou would no doubt be thrilled to learn that her life will continue to make an impact in this way.


Memorial donations can be sent to:
Golden Opportunity Assistance Dogs
1413 Helena Montague Ave,
 London, ON  N6K 1Z3
Attention: Marilou Smith Memorial Fund


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